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N: +[Drosera adelae {F.Muell.}]
P: Fragm.4:154 (1864)
T: Dalrymple's Creek, Rockingham, Qld., AU, Dallachy s.n. (?MEL)
XN: 28 {Kondo}, 30 {Kondo & Olivier}
XNP: Rhodora 78:534 (1976), Ann.Mo.Bot.Gard.66:586 (1979)
image: drosera/D_adelae: picture of plant
image: drosera/dadel1: multiple pictures of cultivated plant
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N: $[Sarracenia ' Langford Williams ' {L.Williams}]
P: Carniv.Pl.Soc.J.(UK) 28:30 (2006)
S: =[[Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}] * [Sarracenia alata {(Wood) Wood}]]
Introducer: L.Williams, from P & J Plants, Hereford, England, late spring 2003
Nominant: L.Williams, Swansea, UK, 2005
Registrant: L.Williams, 2006
C: later synonym of [Sarracenia areolata {Macf.}]
HC: Registered 3. 6. 2006 {JS}
Description: Carniv.Pl.Soc.J.(UK) 28:30 (2006)
"The pitcher shape is very much your basic [Sarracenia areolata {Macf.}] style, controlled by the [Sarracenia alata {(Wood) Wood}] parent, but with [Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}] giving influence in the slight waviness in the pitcher lid. However, it is the colouration of this particular hybrid that I believe warrants its cultivar status. The lower half of the pitcher is a fresh green colour, similar to that of the [Sarracenia alata {(Wood) Wood}] parent. However it is halfway up the pitcher when this plant stands out from the rest of the other [Sarracenia areolata {Macf.}] hybrids! The outer pitcher seems to be a pale cream/white colour, overlapped lightly in a light pale green marbling, then pencilled with its deep maroon veins. The lip of the pitcher opening is a pale creamy white colour, with just a hint of the faintest green. Inside the pitcher opening one can see light areoiles between the maroon veins, again another inherited trait from its [Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}] parent. From the pictures shown on the right (p.31), these areoles or windows are clearly visible in between the maroon veining on the upper part of the pitcher walls. Also shown in the pictures are the creamy-white lips with the hint of green."
Standard: Carniv.Pl.Soc.J.(UK) 28:30&31 (2006)
Etymology: after the nominant (?)
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