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Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 07:02:03 PST

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 08:02:03 -0700
From: "John Green" <>
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Subject:  re:water

>Actually, the boiling method removes *suspended*
>solids, not dissolved minerals. In general, boiling will
>increase the amount of dissolved material since most
>salts are *more* soluble in hot water than in cold
>water... To get rid of dissolved salts, you need to go
>the RO route or the distillation route.
>- Carl

Thanks for clarifying that. The person at the water dept I spoke with
was the one who tests our drinking water, and the way he explained it
was that boiling the water in a covered pot was like distilling it,
albeit back into itself. Personally, I just collect rain water from the
rain gutters and that seems to work fine.

John Green (an accountant, not a chemist)
Salt Lake City, Utah

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