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Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 04:53:35 PST

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 07:53:35 EST
From: JWi5770869@aol.com
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Subject: Water

>I was told by my
local water dept that the water can be boiled in a covered pot, which
should allow most of the disolved solids to accumulate at the bottom of
the pot. You could then siphon the water off the top, and it should be
much lower in disolved solids. I guess if you use a clear pot you
should be able to see the solids at the bottom. I have not tried this.
Theoretically, I guess it should work.

Yes it does work, at least with calcium.Those of us that still use a kettle
to boil water will frequently see 'scale' surrounding the kettle element.
This is the precipitated solid that you were talking about.Mind you, boiling
will not remove other minerals (potassium, I think) but getting rid of the
calcium is better than nothing.

John Wilden

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