Re: Dishonest cpers------- is what u think??

From: Poh Jonathan (
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 18:22:17 PST

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:22:17 PST
From: "Poh Jonathan" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg4237$foo@default>
Subject: Re: Dishonest cpers------- is what u think??

  Mr Green,

  I would like to bring this message forward to u, that I'm Jonathan Poh
here and have high reputations of trading plants with people over the world.
I have traded with Marc from Europe, Tommy laudry from Canada and many more.
Although my plants seldom reach people as healthy as I send them. I do try
my best to do so. I'm utterly disappointed in what u mention " Dishonest
Cper ". U should not bring any misconception of your thinking into what u
like to say. Ng Wei Sheng, is truly deeply, my classmate and friend. I'm
just doing him a favour in replying u his mails, as he does not have a
internet account. If u do not believe me, u can check out with him. Ask him if u want to or ask the hotmail
provider and find out from them, whether we are two same person or vice
versa. I agreed that my plants, did'nt reach u. I'm sorry. But I did
apologized and try my best to find Howard to replace the U. sandersonii. I
actually wanted to send u another plant, but Howard suggested that he could
help me to send the plants to u as he live in America which is near to u and
therefore the plants will have more chances of survive. Really sad to know
that u are such a person that like to discriminate people. Humans do make
mistakes!!! U could ask Howard. He recieved the U.sandersonii that was mean
for u. Howard and u agreed for trade with me at the same time and I got
confused between the address and the plants that I should sent to. I'm only
a 16 year old student and have tried my ulmost to send u the plants.Howard's
plants are healthy and u should not put the total blame on to his plants. It
could be due to your gardening skills too. A experince cpers may have some
flaws, needless to say a inexperince one. The U. livida u send me, did'nt
make it too. : (
I would like to call upon all the cpers over the world that traded with me,
to make statements for me. Thanks!!!! I do not accept my repu. to be spoilt
in this way.

Another thing is that, Weisheng is in the midst of moving house and could'nt
send the byblis seeds he promise. He is also waiting for my byblis seeds to
ripe, as his seeds is quite old and he is afraid that the seeds might not
germinate and therefore did'nt send the seeds to u too.

Most importantly of all, is that u should not use GOD's name in vain. Please
make sure that u know things thoroughly, before u make any statements next
time. I'm a child of God and have not disappoint him in trading plants. God
knows the truth!!!!!

Lots of love
Jonathan Poh

>Topic No. 8
>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:47:41 -0700
>From: "John Green" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Dishonest CPers
>Message-ID: <>
>Just wondering if anyone else has had problems trading with Jonathan Poh
>or Wei Sheng or Ng Weisheng in Singapore? The first time I traded with
>him he went by the name of Poh (ironically, he quotes Jesus in the sig
>line) and he finally had a friend send me the promised plant which
>arrived dried out and never recovered. The second time he went by Wei
>Sheng or Ng, and now doesn't respond to my requests for the promised
>seed. I just wanted to complain and thought I'd share the experience
>and maybe save someone else the trouble. If you do trade with him I'd
>wait to send anything till you actually receive his end of the deal.
>And if anyone knows that he's really an honest person, I'd love to hear
>from them - or if he'd like to defend himself, that would be
>interesting. I'm wondering if he's that "Bruce Lee" or "Andrew Dragon"
>that everyone was complaining about a year or so ago.
>Merry Christmas,
>John Green
>Salt Lake City, Utah
> - anyone have some byblis liniflora seed they'd like to trade?

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