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Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 08:57:45 PST

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 09:57:45 -0700
From: Rich Ellis <>
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Subject: Re: FUN-NICULAR (...long)

While I'll have to confess that I somehow did not see Richard's initial
post, I gather from the responses that he had a number of criticism's and
suggestions for CPN. The listserve seems like an ideal forum for
interested folks around the globe to discuss their views ideas,
complaints etc. on this issue. I am pleased to see prompt responses from
the coeditors and former ICPS president but I feel obligated as a more
unbiased (I have been an on and off CPN subscriber from the old black and
white days) to throw in my two cents. In my limited experience I have
found that:
A. producing a newsletter/journal like CPN is a LOT of work - especially
for a volunteer staff.
B. Some will like your work and some won't.
C. You will get a lot of feedback from those who don't like your work and
very little from those who do.

Firstly, I think CPN gets better all the time. The quality and volume of
pictures seems to have steadily increased with time. It consistently
arrives on time and the content of the articles is varied and diverse but
always timely and high quality. I agree that there has been a shift
towards more scientific/technical information but see that as an
appropriate reflection of the fact that CP growers have become a better
informed lot (due in part to CPN) and that CPN has become well respected
outside of the small world of CP hobbyists.

News and Views has become a smaller portion of the overall content. As
Rick pointed out, the net is a fabulous forum for this kind of
information - much better than CPN could ever hope. I have seen recent
editorials from Barry practically begging for more contributions to News
and Views so I can't honestly believe that the Co-Editors are responsible
for this change. While not strictly a "News and Views" article, I
thought the article by Sean and picture on the back of the most recent
CPN with Jay Leno was wonderful and conveyed a commitment to the fun, non
scientific joy of CP growing that brings many of us together.

While it may seem that there is a huge delay between submission and
publication, I believe that is just the nature of a printed publication
like CPN. With the immediacy of the net I think we tend to become less
patient as a whole. Although it may seem like something submitted in
December used to get printed in the June issue, as I recall, that June
issue used to arrive on my doorstep the following December.

Please don't muck with the references! I often find a good bibliography
much more interesting than the article itself. Maybe I'm weird but since
I am not connected with any University I am often unaware of some of the
very obscure journals where this information is originally published.

In summary, I think CPN is wonderful and a real bargain. I am often
astounded that anyone would take the time to read the listserve on a
regular basis and not join the ICPS to recieve CPN. It is worth it just
for access to the seed bank.

Rich Ellis

Boulder, Colorado

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