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From: Howie Shen (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 09:21:51 PST

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:21:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Howie Shen <>
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Subject: re: Brocchinia


Thanks for your additional comments regarding my B.
reducta observations. I always enjoy finding others
who grow this plant, as there seems to be relatively
few good sources of information available concerning
its methods are based almost entirely
on Peter D'Amato's recommendations in his book, and
from my understanding of the plants' native habitat.

Are your B. reducta tubular and yellow, or do they
grow to be more open and green? I am trying to
determine if the yellow splotches on my plant are a
sign that it is healthy or sick. Do bromeliads react
poorly to being overwatered? Could excessive humidity
encourage a more open crown of leaves versus tighter
growth if drier? I don't believe in my case that the
leaves are being physically weighted down by my
pouring water over them, as the well itself is a tight
tube but above it the leaves flare outwards.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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