Amy's plants dying. She needs help.

From: Andrew Marshall (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 18:26:28 PST

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 18:26:28 -0800
From: "Andrew Marshall" <>
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Subject: Amy's plants dying.  She needs help.

HI Amy,
    Would love to help, but I do not know to what conditions you moved the
plants into, and from what. What were the conditions they left? Humidity,
temps (hi/lo) light levels, artificial light/natural light?
    What conditions have you moved them into? A terrarium, windowsill, top
of the fridge? And of course, humidity, temps, light levels, 'day' length
    What is your tap water or what ever you are using now to water them
    What species are we talking about also? This helps a lot actually.
    Send the answers here and we will all chime in, right folks???
    Best wishes

> Help! I am really worried about my collection. I am worried that by
> spring, I will have nothing left.
> I left my VFTs, some Drosera, and Sarrs. outside in my greenhouse, to
> have their dormancy. I brought everything else (tropical droseras, cephs,
> pings, utrics, and nepenthes) inside. I have noticed that my plants are
> not doing well at all. 3 out of 4 of them are exhibiting signs of dying.
> Some are wilting, some are shriveling up, and some are turning black. Why
> is this?? This can't be dormancy, can it? I thought that when a plant is
> inside it doesn't have dormancy.
> Please help me if you know why this is happening. I am really worried.

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