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This will only be of interest to non-UKCPS members. The following is a
copy of the press release from the current owners of Marston Exotics -
the carnivorous plant nursery started by Adrian Slack. The press release
was recently printed in the UKCPS newsletter.

I think it is pretty clear what is happening to the nursery from this

Also, just to make it clear, I have no connection with any of the
companies mentioned. The press release is posted here purely for
information purposes only.


The following Press Release was received from L. Pettitt of Wyevale
Holdings who thought that our members would be interested



Lawnsdown Nurseries site at Madley has been acquired by Wyevale
Container Plants Limited to expand their bamboo capacity.

As a consequence of this expansion, the retail carnivorous plants of
Lawnsdown's business, which has traded for many years as Marston
Exotics, will be put up for sale. The assets, which include the Goodwill
of the business (Chelsea Gold Medal winners), the name (acquired from
Adrian Slack), mail order list, packaging, colour photos and specialist
colour labels, The National Collection of Sarracenias, improved clonal
stock plants of Venus Fly Trap with larger traps and rare forms of
Sarracenia species (collection bought from Adrian Slack and improved on)
are valued at around \24330,000.

The stock will also be available by negotiation.

Andy Johnson, Managing Director of Wyevale Container Plants Limited, has
not ruled out the possibility of growing a narrower range of carnivorous
plants for the wholesale market. "There is a growing and substantial
interest in carnivorous plants and we are the UK's leading producers of
them", he said. "But it is inappropriate for a professional wholesale
nursery to be involved in retailing".

The Managing Director of Lawnsdown Nurseries Limited, Paul Gardner, has
accepted a new position with Wyevale Container Plants Limited.

For more information contact: Mr. Andy Johnson
Wyevale Container Plants Ltd.
Kings Acre
Hereford HR4 7AY
Tel. (01432) 352255
Fax. (01432) 274023

Phil Wilson
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