Create new maps from TIGER 98 data

Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 04:15:58 PST

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 07:15:58 -0500
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Subject: Create new maps from TIGER 98 data

GeoLytics Paves the Way for Easy Access to Data and Maps
with StreetCD 98

StreetCD 98, a new integrated data product by GeoLytics,
significantly reduces the cost and difficulty of acquiring and
converting Census TIGER 98 street and boundary data. StreetCD 98
complements GeoLytics emerging suite of easy-to-use products and
tools for the demographic and GIS marketplace. StreetCD 98, like
its sister products - CensusCD+Maps, CensusCD Blocks, and CensusCD
1980, is an all-in-one product that combines geographic data and
attributes from your local community to the Nation, user-defined
data extraction, familiar CensusCD mapping capability,
instantaneous export to Arcview and Mapinfo GIS formats, and a
host of other utilities that will enhance productivity in your
organization. without having to read hard-to-understand manuals.

StreetCD 98 is incredibly easy to use (pick the layer, pick the
geography, run and/or export your selection, and view the data,
that's it!), has incredible functionality (views and outputs data
and maps into documents or databases), and provides instantaneous
data retrieval. No need to hook up to the internet, long download
waits, or worry when your connection goes down. Every
organization should have a copy of StreetCD 98 in their library or
on their desktops. GIS and demographic data users, from beginner
to expert, will find hundreds of uses for this product and use it
over and over again, making it an incredible investment and

StreetCD 98 is faster, more flexible, less costly, more versatile,
and easier to use than any comparable product on the market today.
This product will save time and enhance productivity in your
organization. View the data instantly, extract only what you want,
when you want,and use it for your GIS applications. StreetCD 98 is
more than just streets. Easy access and instantly viewable,
StreetCD 98 provides hundreds of layers, including detailed
classifications for all roads, railroads, hydrography, and
landmarks, as well as legal, statistical, and administrative
boundaries for census, transportation, health, education and

And the price!! StreetCD 98 nationwide data retails for only
$250/$500? vs $1500? from the Census Bureau. And that's just the
raw data without Geolytics ready-to-use all-in-one functionality.

Visit for more details.

We offer 50% discount for academic, government,
non-profit, student lab, and classroom use.
We accept purchase orders.
We have 30 money back quarantee for all products.

Order StreetCD at 800-577-6717

E-mail allows us to keep our research data products priced lower
than anyone else. If you are not interested (to remove) Send an
email to: .
Thank you.

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