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Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 10:31:59 PST

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Dear All,

My email address in UK will be

My replacement here at ABG is Carol Helton so please direct any
collections/visit questions her way. I am leaving Atlanta for UK on
30 November, but will be back in the USA in June for the San
Francisco conference where I'll be representing ABG.

By the way, check out two proposals put forward for the next COP in
Kenya April 2000 (proposing country in brackets)- Prop. 11.3 Byblis
spp. Deletion from Appendix II (Australia) and Prop. 11.6
Cephalotus follicularis Deletion from Appendix II (Australia).
Electronic versions of these proposals can be downloaded from the
CITES Web site <> from 30 November 1999.

By 12 November 1999, i.e. 150 days before the opening date of the
11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, 25 Parties had
communicated to the Secretariat their proposals for amendment of
Appendices\240I and II, for consideration at the 11th meeting.
These were Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Botswana, Chile, China,
Cuba, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico,
Namibia, Nepal, the Netherlands, Norway, the Russian Federation,
South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United Republic
of Tanzania, the United States of America and Zimbabwe. Most of the
proposals were accompanied by supporting statements presented in
accordance with provisions of Decision 10.15 and in the format
recommended by the Conference of the Parties (Annex 6 of Resolution
Conf.\2409.24, adopted at the ninth meeting, Fort Lauderdale, 1994).

These proposals are the result of the Plants Committee
recommendations and thanks to all who fed information to Bertrand
von Arx who attended the last PC meeting and who is reviewing the
cps on the Appendices and for the CP Checklist. It is a long
process, but future amendments are possible!

best wishes,


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