Re: Nepenthes mirabilis soil mix

From: Rich Ellis (
Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 21:54:35 PST

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 22:54:35 -0700
From: Rich Ellis <>
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Subject: Re: Nepenthes mirabilis soil mix

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999 "William M. Gorum, Jr." <> writes:
> I know how varied answers will be on this, but I need some information
> about the preferres soil mixture of N. mirabilis. I read in "The
> Garden" that is avoids peaty soils and that it prefers a more alkaline
> medium. What would be a recommended growing medium to fit the
> qualifications of being peat free and alkaline?

I read that too, however, I actually use a very peaty soil mix and it
does very well. For most Nepenthes I use 1 part each of peat, orchid
bark, charcoal and perlite. But in my growing conditions N. mirabilis
seems to do better if the soil is wetter than average so I double the
peat content. Keep in mind that N. mirabilis is the most widespread
Nepenthes and I would bet that different populations can be found in a
variety of conditions.


Boulder, Colorado

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