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Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 08:34:17 PST

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:34:17 -0500
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Subject: Re: NEED POLLEN

Dear Charles,

    My N.maxima, another recently rooted cutting (thank's Rich!!!), is
flowering. And it's male! I'm so glad you asked on the list, because I was
going to offer the pollen, but it slipped my mind. I will be able to send
you pollen in good condition, I'll just need you're address (don't reply
back to the list with it, unless , of course, you don't care.) BTW, are you
sure it's a female flower?

Dave Evans

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> While browsing through my plants I noticed my N. Maxima is producing a
> flower stalk!!! I am so happy. This is my first flowering nepenthes!
> Well anyway. I am in need of pollen. I would prefer pollen of the same
> species but if anyone has any nep pollen I would greatly appricate you
> e-mailing me and maybe we can work out some kind of trade
> Thanks so much
> Charles
> Florida

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