RE: dormancy: Sarracenia

From: Tom Massey (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 07:26:09 PST

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:26:09 -0500
From: Tom Massey <>
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Subject: RE: dormancy: Sarracenia 

I noticed a number of members talking about bringing their Sarrs. in during
the winter or putting them in the freezer because of dormancy requirements.

Just FWIW, I have grown Sarrs. in both the Midwest USA and down here in
Tampa, and even in apartment setups in my grad school days. It seems to me
that they can handle a pretty wide range of winter conditions. My plants
here in central Florida are outside all year, and their cold weather
exposure is typically limited to a few weeks with nights in the high
40's-low 50s. Some years we do have a freeze, last year was an exception,
with no frost or freeze in my area. This fairly mild winter proved to
provide enough dormancy. While I was in Missouri, I left the same plants
outside with just enough protection to keep the wind off and the water in
the trays froze for days at a time. While I was concerned they may have
been damaged, they came through these hard freezes beautifully. Back when
I was stuck in an apartment, the only dormancy was a careful shift in the
timing of my lights, and the natural seasonal changes that occur in cheap
student apartments due to cinderblock walls and lousy insulation. And
still the Sarrs. did okay (not great, but okay).

If you have a technique that works for you, then no need to change the way
you do things, but for new growers, I would opt for something (anything)
other than de-potting your plants and storing the rhizomes. Seems to me
that Sarrs. do not like to have their roots messed with in the fall.

All just IMHO of course.

Tom in Fl.

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