Re:Yet another round of "Name that Nep!"

From: John Green (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 12:15:57 PST

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 13:15:57 -0700
From: "John Green" <>
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Subject: Re:Yet another round of "Name that Nep!"

>Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 20:12:30 -0600
>From: "Joe Harden" <>
>Last year, I purchased a Nepenthes from Home Depot..since then
>it has done very well, for being a very slow grower! Someone
>mentioned it could have been a Nep. madasgascarensis because
>his was also...well, I'd like to be sure. I've posted two pictures on
>mainpage at www.MORTELLARO.COM/JOE
>Can anyone confirm this, or are there other ideas?

I hadn't seen a response to this one, but I'm curious because I have
the same "Gubler's Hybrid." My best guess, after looking at all the
pics in "Savage Garden" and websites I could find, was that it must be
N. alata "spotted form" or some hybrid strongly influenced by N. alata.
Any of you Nep experts/growers out there care to comment? Please?

John Green
Salt Lake City, Utah

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