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Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 18:24:56 PST

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Subject: Nep. cuttings

Hey Listmembers!

I'm getting ready to take some cuttings from a few of my Neps, cause
they're getting so tall they're out growing my tank. I've read
everything I could find about how to take cuttings, and I want to run my
plans by y'all to see what you think.
BTW, I'm taking cuttings from N. alata and N. gracilis.

I'm cutting the stem at the place where the leaves join the stem. I'm
leaving each cutting with three leaves, then I cut the three leaves in
half. I dust the stem of the cutting with rooting hormone and dust any
cut surfaces with fungicide. I plan on using long fibered sphagnum (Sun
Bulb Co.'s orchid moss) as a rooting medium. I keep them well watered
and in growing conditions similar to the mother plant. I'll mist the
cuttings daily when I mist my other plants.
How does my plan sound?

Also, I have a N. mirabilis that has a new shoot coming up from the vine
about three inches from the soil in the pot. The shoot is about 1.5" or
two inches across and is pitchering. Could I cut the shoot off and root
it? Also, on this shoot the leaves are reddish colored. I'm assuming
that it is from too much light? Every leaf it has produced has
pitchered, so I figure that the plant is in good health. Any ideas on
what to do?

As always, thanks for the info!!!
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