acidic soil

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Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 19:30:10 PST

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 22:30:10 -0500
From: The Scotts <>
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Subject: acidic soil

I've been on and off this list for the past year or so. My brain can't
handle the high number of messages for very long, even though of course
nearly all of them good. Back on for awhile.

I'm attempting to start some seeds I purchased from Cook's. Started off
with just two at a time in a few pots, plain water. This time, I
sprinkled some in a couple clear cover containers with peat/sand
mixture. I've seen in several faq's, and other articles, that in the
wild, the soil is highly acidic. Would using Miracid from Miricle Grow
be appropriate for the seeds, as well as continuing *when* (not *if*)
the seeds sprout.


Rick S

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