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Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 15:06:48 PST

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 00:06:48 +0100
From: "Marcus Rossberg" <>
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Subject: Re: Name that Sarr.

Hi Joe,

S. oreophila indeed seems to be on the way to be an endangered species.
Apparently there only very few populations in Alabama and Georgia left.
I never heard that it is difficult to cultivate, but it is rare (and I
don't have it :( grrr... ). But it shouldn't be too difficult to find
some seed, e. g. Allen Lowrie has 9 different forms at the moment.
(Okay, it's a little expensive to order from Australia, but I'm sure you
can find someone closer to you (you are in the USA, right?).) S.
alabamensis is an invalid name of S. rubra ssp. alabamensis. This
could explain your difficulties in finding it.

Take care,

> Also, there are two Sarracenias that are pretty hard to come by. One being
> the Sarracenia oreophila and the other S. alabamensis. When I tried to buy
> some from a few people, not only were they out, one mentioned something
> about a trade restriction. Is this plant hard to propagate, or
> endangered,or both????
> Joe Harden

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