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Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 07:24:26 PST

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 08:24:26 -0700
From: Rich Ellis <>
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Subject: Re: See my CP on TV!


Sounds great. I hope you plant to record it for those of us that don't
have cable (hint hint). Would it be OK if I sent this out to the RMCPS
mailing list as well? I think a lot of those folks don't religiously
read the listserve group.

By the way. Is this a new email address that I should be using?


On Wed, 10 Nov 1999 21:13:46 -0800 jneps <> writes:
> Hi List,
> There will be a program on TV here in the US this coming
> Saturday, Nov. 13, which will feature carnivorous plants. The
> program is called "The Inside Dirt"; it appears on the Home and
> Garden television network (HGTV). Check your local listing for
> air time. Here in Colorado (Mountain Time) it's on at 1 pm.
> I don't wish to seem shamelessly self-promoting, but one of the
> reasons I am announcing this is because my plants and I are featured
> on this program. It's just a brief appearance, but I'll be talking
> a bit about Nepenthes, which are my forte. So, if you'd like to see
> some of my plants, (and how I grow them) I hope that you'll tune in.
> Special thanks to fellow listserver member Brian Cochran for making
> my TV appearance possible!
> Regards,
> Jeff Shafer

Boulder, Colorado

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