Inducing Mutatation.......Why???

Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 15:43:09 PST

Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 18:43:09 EST
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Subject: Inducing Mutatation.......Why???

Dear All,

Forgive my ignorance but why on earth do you want to induce mutations in CPs?
Aren't they weird enough already for you?

Or are some of wanting to actually breed that plant from that bloody awful
musical "Little Shop of Horrors".

Seriously though, why bother (especially using radiation) when the plants or
seeds are seriously damaged,rather than producing weird and wonderful blooms/
traps etc.

However if someone does manage to produce a Triffid, then I'll be the first
in line to buy it............

John "Wyndam is King" Wilden

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