RE: D. Stenopetala

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Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 05:12:52 PST

Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 13:12:52 -0000 
From: Jack Elder <>
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Subject: RE: D. Stenopetala

> Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 15:45:40 +0900
> From: "Pierre GELINAUD" <>
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> Subject: D. stenopetala
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> Hi,
> Difficult to find something on D.stenopetala!
> I found this at New Zealand Carnivorous Plants
> Society(
> (There is a photo too)
[snip a section taken from my web page, linked to from the above, at]
> There is the e-mail of Jack Elder(
> perhaps he will
> know.
> Good luck.
> Pierre Gelinaud

Hi Pierre;

I'm afraid the web page that you got the info from hasn't been updated for a
while - I finished my MA and got a job (in a different country), so it's
been hard to get access to my pages. I'm not sure if the email is being
forwarded, so...

As regards D. stenopetala: I've grown it once, but not for all that long
(it didn't seem to like being at the low elevation I was living at at the
time). The information on the page mentioned above was taken from a variety
of sources, such as Allan's 'Flora of New Zealand', most of which weren't
CP-specific. For cultivation instructions, I'd say keep them as cold as you
can, and treat them like alpine plants that love having wet feet (i.e. cold,
windy spots are probably the way to go).

Hope this helps;


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