Open Challenge to Tissue Culture experts

From: Douglas W. Darnowski (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 20:22:42 PDT

Date: 21 Oct 1999 23:22:42 EDT
From: (Douglas W. Darnowski)
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Subject: Open Challenge to Tissue Culture experts

My lab is working on a method for tissue culture of cp's--a method which
I hope will work for many different genera. So far it has worked well
in preliminary tests on pygmys (3 spp., 2 forms of one sp.--the stuff
which I sell from time to time on ebay) and on Sarracenia from seed (S.
minor). Right now we (Megan McMahon and myself) are trying to
standardize it.

As for plants from culture, I have had discussions about this, and we
plan to try to put Sarracenia spp. and forms (not from seed) into
culture once the hormones are set for this other material. I've put
other material into culture from messy conditions--arboreta and
greenhouses--so I hope that some standard method may work for getting
cultures started from vegetative material. In part I am waiting to have
another pair of hands in the lab to do this work. I will at least talk
about the state of these plans in San Francisco even if those hands
don't materialize before the next academic year.

Doug Darnowski

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