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Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 16:25:14 PDT

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 00:25:14 +0100
From: Peter Kronenberger <>
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Subject: Re:Nepenthes hybrid

Hi Steve,

Some plant shops in Belgium currently sell "N. coccinea" (labelled with a
code Derku002, Fleurmerc), in the two forms that you mention. Most of them
have a similar color pattern as N. x coccinea shown in The Savage Garden
(i.e. red with green spots). A minority looks like 'N. x morganiana (green
with red spots). The shape of both forms, however, is rather slender (like
the N. x coccinea picture).
I bought a single pot containing the two different plants, and the pitchers
they produce remain differently colored.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Peter Kronenberger

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>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:00:33 +0100
>From: "Steve Alton" <>
>Subject: Nepenthes hybrid
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>Dear All,
>Can any UK growers shed any light on the identity of a fairly widely-
>available Nep hybrid in my possession? My plant came (I think)
>from Chris Crow of Sarracenia Nurseries and was sold to me as N.
>x coccinea. However, looking in The Savage Garden, my plant (and
>others I have seen dying in garden centres) look much more like N.
>x morganiana ie. fat pitchers, green background with heavy red
>speckling. My plant has never, under the range of environmental
>conditions it has had to suffer, produced red pitchers with green
>I appreciate that the plants have the same parentage - are they
>also so variable that they can resemble each other?
>Any info. would be much appreciated.
>Steve Alton
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