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Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 00:49:59 PDT

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Subject: request for pictures


    You wrote "please. this is the last time i'm going to ask
this(as the dealine for my project is closing) i really need some
pics that i can use to win my class over onto my side. they all
think that cp's suck and byte, but i don't think so, so for my gcse
english lecture i'm gonna do cp's. the only thing i'm lacking are
some good pictures which are sure to change peoples minds about
cp's.if anyone out there knows the url of a site where i can ask if
i can use the photos or have any themselves that i can use, please
e-mail me, as i really need them."

    No offense intended Chris, but if you look over your e-mail
carefully you will find many grammatical errors. My English is in
bad shape, and your e-mail has made even me wonder whether or not
the pictures are actually going to help you in your English class.
I love to help people, but I hope you realize if your lecture is
presented with the same style as your e-mail, then you have will
have wasted my time and other people's time. Words can be just as
persuasive as pictures to "win" your class over. Be organized and
clear with your presentation of the material. Don't just give them
a slide show of pictures, be choosy and use only the photographs
which enhance your writing. Too many pictures, even if they are
great, will cause eyes to roll and people will sleep. Sleeping
people have consistently proven to be bad audiences for English

    Below are the names of several web sites with pictures. Giving
credit to other peoples work is an important part of research
papers, however the rules for crediting material from the internet
have not been thoroughly established. I recommend you cover your
bases when referring to the pictures you use in your presentation.
For each picture make sure you have the following written down:

Name of picture (file name will work)

Photographer's name.

Web site author's name (and e-mail address if possible)

Address to the website page where the picture was published

Date you found picture.

Good Luck!


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