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From: Paul McCullough (paulmcc@home.com)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 15:37:41 PDT

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:37:41 -0400
From: Paul McCullough <paulmcc@home.com>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <aabcdefg3622$foo@default>
Subject: CP Webring

A few days back I requested someone from the CP Webring contact me as my
old CP page (#29 on the ring) no longer exists at that URL. The new URL
is below...

I can't change this on the ring myself due to the loss of my password.
If someone from the webring could contact me on how to make these
changes or send me info here, I'd appreciate it. Please note that if
you responded to my earlier inquiry, I didn't get the email or list
serve for those days due to some ISP problems. Sorry to ask again!



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