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Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 01:42:30 PDT

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 18:12:30 +0930
From: "RICHAR[] []AVION" <>
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Dear All

I received an Email on Tuesday the 12th. of October from a "Gerard
Nijland" (though I suspect this person does not really
exist[]) containing a 37.7 Kilobyte file entitled
... 'Pretty Park.exe'

All that was written in the message was "Test: Pretty Park.exe :)
signed Gerard Nijland"

The file wouldn't run so I sent an Email to this 'person' who sent
me another copy but in a different format - but this time it was
total garbage and couldn't even be read it this time.

Last night I found I could receive mail but not send any ... and
I found I could neither send nor receive, so I have had to remove
and reinstall the TCP/IP interface in the control panel section of
my Windows programme.

I now find that I can only send and receive on Richar[] []avion ...
my spoof line - presumably because the worm virus does not
recognise the bracket built boxes as part of a legitimate
lewinisky. (more work needed there Gerard to fill that loophole!
Not quite a WebMaster yet!)

In the meantime I have received a number of Emails from Friends
(pastfriends?) from my address book suggesting that they have
received a copy of the Pretty Park virus from me last night even
though I could not send out last night, only receive!

Anyway I hope all and sundry will manage to delete this file from
their computers and that the 'so-called' Gerard Nijland has
realised that he's had his 15 seconds of fame and should now get
down to his potting shed and get some real work done ready for the
Winter/Summer season in whichever real part of the world from
whence he emanates.


Looks like I'll be stuck with the title of the "Double Bracket Man"
for a while until I figure out a way around the problem - but then
again it's cheaper than deedpole so I dare say it's a plus in

Anyway lookout for my latest article in the current edition of
"Flytrap News" - The Official Newsletter of the Carnivorous Plant
Society of New South Wales, Australia which should in some way make
amends to any hassles this small episode has caused anyone and

Anyway hope this helps clarify the situation and in some way will
ease your way out of your own present predicament(s).

Yours sincerely

DAVION or should that be []avion?

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