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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 10:43:20 PDT

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Subject: RE: Red spots on Sarracenias......

>I've noticed that some of my Sarracenia plants have been getting
deep red >patches on the lower section of their pitchers. After
about a week of the >spots' appearence, the pitchers begin to
deteriorate. When I looked under a >magnifying glass there were no
visible parasites. Can anyone explain this?

I'm guessing you live in the northern hemisphere. Many pitcher
plants which are normally green or green with some red during spring
and summer develop a deep red color this time of year. It has to do
with fall coming in and is similar to what you see happening to tree
leaves. I suspect the red coming out is due the decrease in the
amount of green chlorophyll, allowing red (anthocyanins) to show

For the Sarracenia in my outdoor bogs here in Atlanta, S. alata is
the most obvious for this phenomenon.

David Atlanta

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