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Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 18:38:47 PDT

Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 22:38:47 -0300
From: Lucaju <>
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Subject: Carnivorous Free Seeds Bank

Dear Friend,

 We are creating in Brazil, a free Bank of Seeds.
 This idea appeared to help beginners and advanced, and to distribute
more types of species.

 The seeds will be donated by people of the whole world. It is
distributed for the members, just charging the shipping and the packing
for shipping (approximately US$ 0,50 + mail).
 We asked like this its help to turn this Project in reality. The page
web, it will be working inside of some weeks. For this reason we needed
its donation to begin the project.
 Seeds of all the types of Carnivorous plants will be accepted, but the
same ones should be correspondents, with information regarding the
Plant. (Name, general data, climate for cultivation, etc).
 The received seeds will be classified in this page in the Internet and
they will be available for the members, that are people that sent seeds.

 To associate it will just be necessary to contribute with seeds. It is
for example, if you donate 1 seed type, you can request 2 types of
seeds. In agreement with the availability.

 Send seeds, with its Name and complete Address. And with information of
the climate in that you cultivate the plants that you sent and it dates
of the it collects. And as it should be made the storage (its

Fill the form, and send it with the seeds:

 Postal Code:

 Phone (optional):

 Seeds List:

    Description: (to plant, time to germinate, color, etc)
    Recommended storage:

Send seeds for:

Carnivorous Bank / Luiz Passarelli Jr. Rua Ouvidor Peleja, 1029 S\343o
Paulo - SP 04128-001 Brazil

Place the seeds in a plastic sack, to avoid humidity, and send in a
common envelope. Try to wrap up the package of seeds with soft paper,
for don't damage them.

Don't send Plants!

Thank you,

Luiz Passarelli Jr.

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