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Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 10:52:43 PDT

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:52:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Albert Huntington <>
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Subject: Re: Greenhouse construction

Joe Harden wrote about his greenhouse plans and
invited suggestions, so I thought I might speak up.

I have a small greenhouse (12'x15') here in San Jose,
California, which is a somewhat different environment
than the part of Texas I believe Joe is residing in.

A few general questions on the greenhouse to be asking

1) Do you have plans to provide for air movement in
 the greenhouse? A few fans running at all times will
 probably help to combat fungal attack, among other

2) Do you have plans for humidification? Once you
 all of those kerosene heaters running, the humidity
 may drop to dangerously low levels.

3) You mention shadecloth during the summer and
 plastic during the winter. I'm not sure what
 part of Texas you are in, but I'm assuming you're
 living in the hot and humid part. Do you plan to keep
 the greenhouse structure basically open in the
 summers, or to seal the structure and provide
 cooling and ventilation?

4) Some people have apparently noted problems with
 fumes from unvented heaters running in their greenhouses. It depends
 on the type of plants you are planning to keep.

5) Do you have plans to keep plants of differing
 requirements in the same structure? I have found
that my drosera paradoxa, for instance, requires a lot
of light to survive, while many of my nepenthes don't
need nearly as much. My dionea, highland nepenthes
 and temperate sundews do not appreciate the hot
 environment my lowland nepenthes require. You might
 want to make plans to divide the greenhouse into
 warmer and cooler or darker and brighter sections.

  I have a little information on what I've done with
my greenhouse at

  Some of the advice may not apply to you as I am
sure your climate differs from mine considerably.
Hope I've been of some help.

--Albert Huntington
--San Jose, CA


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