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Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 21:43:09 PDT

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Subject: Greenhouse construction...

Well, I looked around our nursery, and found some spare greenhouse parts
nobody had any knowledge about! 6 complete metal 'bows' (don't know if
that's the technical name) That make the shape/roof, 5 poles to piece all of
them together, and I know we got the wood/cement etc to build a foundation.
Turns out, if assembled, this little house would be 30 feet wide, about
30-40 feet long, and 10 feet high in the middle. Before I jump to this
though, I am trying to plan for everything, and aquire everything. Here is
what I came up with:
We have several kerosene heaters with working timers, so I got the heating
problem planned for. If needed, I have the parts for a water cooling pad to
install on the side (won't consider unless I plan to mess with Cobra Lilies
and Sun Pitchers). In the very back of our nursery, I even found a spot to
assemble it with full sun -- It's 30 feet away from an office that has an
air conditioner, so I got a good supply of pure water, which will delay the
purchase of a R.O. unit. Since some plants hate the full sun, I have
shadecloth. Plastic for covering the greenhouse in the winter is no
problem. This is out in the country, so I would have to put shadecloth on
the sides and install doors, to keep out deer and maybe cover the entire
house, since there are squirells, skunks, possums, racoons, armadillos, etc
etc etc.

I think this covers all the basics for a greehouse, but if ANYONE has
advice on their own greenhouse succuess and failures, please email me about
them, I'm open for all suggestions. Even if you don't have a greenhouse but
you think I missed something here, please tell me. For what it will be
worth, I'm going to document everything I do, and make sure to build a FAQ
on it for others in the future that may want to build theirs.

I eagerly await any advice. Again, I don't mind if you email me privately.

Joe Harden Carnivorous Kingdom!

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