CP's of Australia, vol. 1 revisted

From: Robert Sheppard and Sharon Thomas (sctrfcs@direct.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 13:20:17 PDT

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 13:20:17 -0700
From: "Robert Sheppard and Sharon Thomas" <sctrfcs@direct.ca>
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Subject: CP's of Australia, vol. 1 revisted

My self imposed project of attempting to get a reprint of Allen
Lowrie's vol. 1 book came to its intended conclusion last August
after approximately eight months of collecting names of those who
expressed interest in obtaining a copy. In addition to the email
contacts I also received letters from those who were not on - line
but had seen the item in our CP Newsletter. I was very surprised at
the number of countries that responded. Brian Denton's Australian
group was perhaps understandably the most supportive. By August I
had received 223 potential requests for a reprint copy. My personal
feeling is that the total numbers would have likely reached at least
three to four hundred after the book sellers, herbariums and
university libraries,etc learned of its availability.

I spoke with Allen Lowrie via telephone at least five times during
the project and he seemed quite supportive of the idea although
initially he felt there might be some difficulty in retrieving the
photo plates from the off shore group he had used. Allen was also
pondering the possibility of combining all three volumes in one
composite book and/or a CD-ROM format. During my last conversation
with Allen last August he said his publisher ( University of
Australia Press ) was less keen than he had thought they would be.
Apparently they suggested that there comes a time to let things go.
Allen said that he would talk to the publisher again now that he
knew the latest numbers.

My conclusion is that the University of Australia Press must be
extremely busy compared to the time when I worked with the Western
Australia Forestry Department a few decades ago.

Nothing Ventured, nothing gained.

Robert F. Sheppard

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