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Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 11:01:28 PDT

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:01:28 EDT
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Subject: Australia CP

Lucy Haycock wrote:
<< I am moving to Australia to do an MApplSc for 18 months,
 and was wondering which CP's Australia is famous for, as I will no doubt
 begin another collection out there. >>
Australia has some unique fine plants, such as cephalotus, the drosera binata
complex, and the pygmy droseras....I would suggest trying to visit some of
the cp nurseries while you're there if possible, such as Exotica Plants,
Triffid Park, and Southern Carnivores...they are scattered throughout
australia, so you may be close enough to one of them...
Michael Catalani

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