Re: Atypical Pinguicula gypsicola flower

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Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 23:32:35 PDT

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:32:35 +0200
From: Juerg Steiger <>
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Subject: Re: Atypical Pinguicula gypsicola flower

Dear Richard ,

>My P.gypsicola has produced an odd flower. It has 2 spurs
>and 10 lobes to the corolla, 4 at the top and 6 at the
>bottom. The plant has previously produced normal flowers. If
>I self this new flower, are the resulting seeds going to
>produce plants with this double-flower or is it just an
>effect of the environment?

Twin-flowers, surplus corolla lobes and/or calyx tips, lacking spurs and
the like are quite frequent phenomena in many Pinguicula species. Usually
they are environment effects (Linne called them 'humour of nature'). The
only hereditary 'deformities' I observed are bifurcations of the spur and
filled flowers.

Kind regards Juerg

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