RE: Leaf cuttings will not work!!!

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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 11:43:19 PDT

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 14:43:19 -0400
From: Brewer Charles E PHDN <>
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Subject: RE: Leaf cuttings will not work!!!

 If you have some live sphagnum moss, a small aquarium with a glass top and
some fungicide, you should be successful. Place about 1 to 2 inches of
peat/sand or just damp washed sand in the bottom of the aquarium. Make sure
your mix is not to wet, but very damp. Add a good amount of live sphagnum
moss on the top of the mix. Take your cuttings, soak them in fungicide for a
few minutes, then lay them on the sphagnum. You can even push them down into
the sphagnum just a little. Cover the aquarium top and place the tank in a
bright location. Avoid letting the tank sit in full sun as this will cook
your cuttings.
 VFTs sometimes will turn black, but will usually produce a growing bud
prior to dying completely. The key to success is a clean environment, bright
light and high humidity and of course, fungicide. Fungicide gives the
cutting a good start against funguses.
 If for some reason you do not have access to an aquarium, try using clear
plastic cups with a couple of drain holes in the bottom. Fill the clear
plastic cup half full of live sphagnum moss. Soak your cuttings in
fungicide, then plant them in the sphagnum. Cover the top of the cup with
clear plastic and place the cup on a saucer in a bright location. Don't let
the moss dry out or get water logged.
 I do all my propagating in the winter months. I usually start propagating
VFTs and Cephs and Droseras around the end of November and December. By
January, I have new plants coming up and by spring the new plants are just
about ready for outside. The Cephs spend a full year inside aquariums before
I take them outside in the greenhouse. Thanks to our two recent hurricanes
that hit us (Dennis and Floyd) I will be making a lot of cuttings this
winter. Hope this helps.
Charles Brewer

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