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Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 04:42:54 PDT

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Subject: Re: rosettes

Steve Wyld wrote:

> ... i have a couple of neps that have basal rosettes near the soil,
> then a dead looking section up to a normal nep crown.
>...if i cut off the dead looking section above the rosettes, will
> they become normal size, or can i cut them off and strike them like stem
> cuttings?

Often times a Nepenthes will abort and older, longer vine when the
plant begins to produce new basal growth from the crown. If the basal
growth seems to be growing, and not just a little green bud, then you
can probably cut off the woody older vine.

I've often lamented that some of my Nepenthes produce "palm tree"
growth, where a stem becomes woody and loses all its leaves except
for the tip where a normal rosette still grows. I try to bend the stem
over, if it's supple enough, so the rosette is below the level of the
roots. This usually prompts the plant to produce new basal
growth from lower on the stem, or from the crown. After the new
basal growth seems well established, I cut off the ugly "palm tree".


Perry Malouf

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