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Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 00:36:18 PDT

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:36:18 +0100
From: "Peter Quinnear" <>
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Subject: Re: Lowrie Vol 3

Places to try for Vol 3 of Lowrie's book in the UK are Steve Cottell
who was selling them on behalf of the CPS at GBP22.25, details in
Newsletter 2, 1999 or the importer, Peter Moore Bookseller in
Cambridge, Tel 01223-411177

I believe I read somewhere a year or so ago talk of Vol 1 at least
being reissued, but I think any pictures were only going to be black
and white. Does anybody know if anything came of that?

In the early 90s I had a letter from Allen Lowrie who told me that
as a result of, then, recent field trips he had enough new material
for a volume 4. I dont know whether he intends to progress that
idea now Vol 3 is out of the way.


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