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Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 07:31:51 PDT

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 16:31:51 +0200
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Subject: Re: Content of Lowrie 1-3

> Hi,
> Can someone enlighten me as to the differences between vols 1, 2 and
> 3 of Allen Lowrie's "Carnivorous Plants of Australia"?
> I am looking for a good book on pygmy Drosera and don't know if
> there is one of these volumes better than the others?
> Realistically, I can't see myself finding anything other than vol3
> for sale but you never know...
> Any comments would be appreciated along with places to purchase
> these books within the UK (or elsewhere). still list
> vol3 as 'awaiting release from publisher' which I find hard to
> believe as the US Amazon site has it listed.


for Lowrie 3 try out Stefan Wolfs website He sells Lowrie 3 for 90 DM
and has a wide range of cp-books and other stuff worth to check. I did
several deals with him and he is very recommandable. Volume 1 contents
tuberous droseras, Vol. 2 pygmy droseras, D. hamiltonii and a few
tuberous drosera not mentioned in Vol.1, Vol.3 is a great mixture of the
rest: Utricularia, Drosera, Byblis, Nepenthes, Aldrovanda, Cephalotus.
My personal opinion: All his books are excellent and I like them best!!

Hope this helps

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