Sphagnum disease

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Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 20:48:52 PDT

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Subject: Sphagnum disease

>Some time in the past there was a caution from one or more members of this
>group about a disease that can be contracted from working with sphagnum
>moss. Could some one on the list repeat what this disease is and repeat
>the warning? Thanks in advance.

>Kind Regards,



  I believe you are talking about Sporotrichosis. It is caused by a fungus
that can be found in soils. The disease can be contracted by working with
long-fiber sphagnum combined with a open wound present at the contact point
with the moss. It causes lesions that eventually ulcerate and can keep
traveling up your arm if untreated. It spreads by the superficial lymphatic
vessels of the arm.A special iodine solution is the treatment I am aware
of(prescribed by a doctor, if diagnosed). This info is from CPN Vol 30,
#3(September, 1991). People have been known to wear gloves of any sort to
avoid possible infliction, though I think it is rarely contracted. I hope
this helps.

  Joe Griffin
  Lincoln, Nebraska

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