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Subject: HELP: The riddle of Lloyd and 'T'

Dear CP fans!

Collecting and trading books -- especiall scientific books -- is a
fascinating thing. Every once in a while you get to know most
interesting persons and sometimes even exciting traces from the
past ... dried flowers or some unidentified seeds in +120 year
old Darwin books, added botanical illustrations from botanists who
once owned a botanical, or inscriptions from famous owners or even
authors... some leading to riddles...

A few months ago I came across a 1942 first edition of "Carnivorous
Plants" by Francis E. Lloyd. Although I already have a fair number
of these extremely rare firsts, waiting for appreciative new owners,
I just can't let one of these gems sit on a remote dealer's dusty
shelf so I decided to order it. When I read "boldly inscribed" in the
book description I thought of some gift or celebration inscription
from a private person to a friend or relative -- anyway, such things
are usually acceptable, so I had it shipped to me.

When I received the book I leafed through it and noticed the same
great condition all these 1942 Lloyd copies seem to have. As if
these books take care for themselves, I never saw a poor copy of
this title. Then I remembered the inscription and leafed back for
the front flyleaf. And there it was:


      In memory of the many
   years of unfailing friendship
   and as a token of my gratitude
   for it, this volume, written
   during the travail of war, is
   offered to

       Theodore Whittleby

   briefly and affectionately
   known as

          F.E. Lloyd

Whow! A very personal dedication by the author to someone who must
be a very good friend -- if not his best. I must admit this voice
from the past sent a shiver down my spine! Of course this copy got
a special place in my collection...

Now my question: can anybody of you help in finding out more about
this person 'T'? Who was he, when and where did he live? Any hint
in this riddle is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Best regards, Stefan.

Dipl.-Inform. Stefan P. Wolf
mail : Zehlendorfer Str. 69, 24111 Kiel, GERMANY
phone: (+49 431) 5973173 * fax: (+49 431) 697568
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