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> Hi,
> I've seen some pictures in the CP Database of a lowland N. veitchii
> from Kalimantan. It differed from other pictures of this species, that I
> have seen, by having long narrow leaves and not growing in a
> "tree-clasping" fashion but rather was attached to the tree like a
> "normal" epiphyte.
> Is there two ways for this species to grow, or is the pictured plant
> still young and haven't yet started to climb in the manner that is
> characterizing for this species?
> Regards,
> Christer Berglund

Dear Christer,

The lowland variety of N. veitchii can also grow in a 'tree-clasping'
fashion (as the highland variety), but for some reason it often fails to
do so.

Perhaps the longer leaves of the lowland variety help it to clasp around
the trunks of the larger lowland trees (vs. smaller trees in highland

Though the leaves are always arranged in a distichous fashion, N.
veitchii can also grow in several other (non-epiphytic) forms such as: a
terrestrial, decumbent vine in heath forest (Bareo, Sarawak), and a
scrambler among grassy rock outcroppings (Bkt. Kujau, West Kalimantan).

Best regards,

Ch'ien Lee

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