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Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 12:01:29 PDT

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 15:01:29 EDT
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Subject: Re: Darlingtonia forms??


After a few requests to join the fray, Hawk I am...and CPS of the West still
available ($16+post) to all who may be lacking same!

Regarding the following post and subsequent comments esp. Steve Hinkson
...whose comments re: "Genome taxonomy WILL happen in our
lifetime."--unfortunately my experience to date indicates that this panacea
is not on the near horizon, I can offer the following:

 From: "Doug Fung" <>
      I have just returned from Oregon and have seen the difference that
 conditions can make to the growth of Darlingtonia. I saw two different sites
 with Darlingtonia separated by no more than a few kilometres.
     I talked to a state park naturalist and she mentioned that there were
 two types of Darlingtonia in the area - something I've never heard of but
 the differences in size of traps, flowers and seed pods in these two
 locations were striking.
 I believe the genesis of this misconception lies in the confusion about
terminology that was once applied to the the 2 types of dc habitat in both SW
Or and NW CA. About 20 years ago most researchers separated dc habitat into
"coastal/montane" based on relatively limited knowledge of growth form (more
correctly known as phenotype) and the most common plant associates found in
those areas.

But, especially for those of you who have been fortunate to travel throughout
the above noted areas, this distinction becomes rather fuzzy when you see
"montane" types (based on this classification system) at less than 300 m.
And regarding phenotype, one would expect great variation in this expression
with a species that has an altitudinal range of 0-2600 m, extremely variable
precipitation, temperature ranges, slope, and aspect.

Also beware: form/forma is a term used in infraspecific taxonomy.

Next topic: folks who do not respond to direct contributions of information
from moi.



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