Cedar Water

From: Robert Sheppard and Sharon Thomas (sctrfcs@direct.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 12:08:26 PDT

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From: "Robert Sheppard and Sharon Thomas" <sctrfcs@direct.ca>
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Subject: Cedar Water

sctrfcs@direct.ca To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com Subject: Cedar water
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Hi Chris,

I had a Lindal home a few years ago with a 45 degree roof pitch (
limited bird landing space ). When I had a small collection of CP's
I used double distilled water courtesy of U of C. About ten years
after the house was built I added a 3X8 metre greenhouse on the
south east side and installed an eavestrough system that collected
water from the the roof as well as the slightly sloped deck over the
double garage that supported the greenhouse. The deck, by the way,
was sealed with a tar and pea gravel covering.

The plants grew extremely well in the greenhouse, subsisting
entirely on the collected rainwater. When I sold the house I had
~300 CP's which were ultimately donated to the U of C. The fact
that the cedar shakes had cured for a decade might have been a
positive factor.

It was a great place to grow CP's. Having native Pinguicula
vulgaris growing in native Sphagnum subsecundum along the creek near
the house was a bonus.

Robert Sheppard

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