Re: freezing plants solid

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Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 21:52:44 PDT

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:52:44 -0700
From: Kevin Snively <>
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Subject: Re: freezing plants solid

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, you wrote:

> Her plant list included south african Drosera, and I doubt they'd take
> -10C for any length of time.

I think D. capensis might be able to in a bog or bog like situation. At least
I know it and D. binata can be hardy in the Puget Sound basin of Washington
State USA and up the coast north past Vancouver B.C. in Canada. In inland
areas a nice snow pack would sure help also. My big trouble with cold is
either the early or late frosts when things are not yet dormant, and the
"exposed ground freeses" where the world literly freeze-dries around me.
The Freeze-dries are the BIG killer. Both conditions can be effectively
dealt with using a light mulch of straw, pine needles, or the row cover
called localy by the name of Reemay. If you have one or two to spare
plants give it a try and see for your self.

at about 48 Deg. North lat.

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