Help in identifying nepenthes

From: James D Annan (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 06:22:33 PDT

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 14:22:33 +0100
From: "James D Annan" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg3015$foo@default>
Subject: Help in identifying nepenthes


I rescued a nepenthes a few days ago from a local DIY shed. It was
simply labelled as `nepenthes (lidded pitch plant)' and was going cheap
because it was rather the worse for wear.

It is in a hanging basket, about 30 plain green leaves on 3-4 short
stems, and the lower leaves have pitchers (the upper leaves have
tendrils which look like they will turn into pitchers). The pitchers
are mainly pale green, with some red/brown veining. Unfortunately the
top half of each pitcher is shrivelled and dead. There are no hairs or
spines or any other obvious features on the pitchers.

Does anyone have any idea what it is likely to be? I've never seen a
nep anywhere in the flesh before. I've had a look in `The Savage
Garden' but nothing looked much like it to my untutored eye. I'm hoping
it will be a highland species that will survive in my bathroom, at
least for a short while, but I'm not really very optimistic because I
think it will be too dark and cold there.


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