Cobra Lily is producing baby plants from roots!

From: Amy E. Ritchie (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 16:00:22 PDT

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 19:00:22 -0400
From: "Amy E. Ritchie" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2988$foo@default>
Subject: Cobra Lily is producing baby plants from roots!

I just unpotted my cobra lily to find that from the roots it had produced
a baby plant! The little plant has about five, not quite developed 1 1/2
inch tall pitchers, but it doesn't have any roots - it is just growing
from a big, thick white root attached to the mother plant. I didn't
notice anything when I got the plant about a month ago, but in that time
that I've had it, the baby plant has been growing under the ground! I've
read about how a cobra lily produces small plants, and that once the
small plant produces roots it can be cut off the mother plant. My
question is, though, how long will it be until the small plant produces
roots, and then how do you cut it off the mother plant? Please let me


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