Re: Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon Plant Sites

Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 16:29:34 PDT

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 19:29:34 EDT
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Subject: Re: Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon Plant Sites

In a message dated 99-08-17 08:57:02 EDT, Joseph wrote:

<< A valuable person to contact would be Hawkeye Rondeau. He has poked
 around this side of the world quite a bit. He lives in San Jose, however
 I've lost all e-mail and contact information for him, and would like to know
 it if you find (or anyone reading this knows it). His information is
 especially helpful if you have a GPS. When are you going? Where are you
 coming from? >>

Funny Joe mentioned the Global Positioning Systems (it is definitely
somewhere that you would want to have one if possible), because I skimmed an
interesting story on them in this morning's Baltimore Sun - hint on where I'm
coming from :-) They are supposed to be having a Y2K-like 20-year-or-so
crisis this weekend (I am heading out tomorrow and returning in one week)
where they will reset to zero or something because 1024 weeks or so have gone
by since they went online in 1980! Approximately 10% of the units in use are
expected to be adversely affected. So much for the nuances and infallibility
of modern technology - Luddites Unite! Isn't it ironic how we use our
computers to enhance our enjoyment of these primitive plants? Thanks for the
leads - my time is limited, but I will try to make the most of it!
Son of a Ph.D.

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