CPs and Tap water

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Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 10:55:35 PDT

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 13:55:35 EDT
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Subject: CPs and Tap water


>I read somewhere to only water my carnivores with distilled water or
rainwater. There has been no rainwater. Is this critical?

  I was wondering can water that has sat for 24 hours so that the clorine
disapates be used or can filtered water be used?

Patricia W.

The main problem with Mains water isn't the chlorine / chloramine but the
calcium contained within the water, a mineral that most bog dwelling CP's
rarely see,coupled with mains water normally having a high PH, this will not
do your CPs a lot of good.It also depends on how hard /soft your mains water
is.Try contacting you local water utility company for a water chemistry

Filtering your water can also be harmful but it depends what the filter
actually is. Some domestic water filters only exchange the calcium ions for
sodium ions (potentially worse!) or potassium ions.
If you have access to a reverse osmosis filter then this will produce the
purest water (or ask at your local aquarium shop, they may be able to supply
you with some of this water).

Have you tried using the waste water from a Dehumidifier / air conditioner?

I have used tap water when my own rainwater supplies ran out, but the next
year I repotted my collection in fresh compost.

All the best
John Wilden

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