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Date: Sat Aug 14 1999 - 15:37:49 PDT

Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 19:37:49 -0300
From: "Diane charette" <>
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      I don't live in Montreal, but I'll try to help you... You can see few
carnivorous plants at the botanical garden of Montreal (they have special
price for the "package deal" "biodome-botanical garden-insectarium", i
recommend it)... Near Trois-Rivieres and Shawinigan (about 1h30 of
Montreal), near where i live, you can find some cp who grow in wild in the
national parc of the mauricie ( Parc national de la mauricie) in the area
called the Esker (L'Esker) . You can find there S.purpurea and
D.rotundifolia. If you are lucky , you can perhaps see some wild Utri. i
only know 1 area where they grow, near my home. I don't know any cp
nursery, but there's few growers in montreal, perhaps one will invite you
through this listserv ;) Here's some web site who can help you... in french

Esker and bogs of quebec's province:
Montreal's botanical garden:

 If you have any questions or anything else, just ask :))


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