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Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 19:29:08 PDT

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Subject: Re: Nepenthes ID

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 I have had an undentified species of Nepenthes for quite a few years (at
 least 8). It lives in my air conditioned office and has acclimated quite
 well. It produces lots of pitchers and it flowers about once a year (male
 I got this as a cutting and have never been able to identify it. A couple
 of years ago, I took it to a local CP meeting and those in the know
 pronounced it "some type of hybrid."

Dear Steve,

     After looking at the photos I do not believe it to be a hybrid. Best
guess is that it is in the N. burkei/ventricosa complex. It looks more like
plants I have labeled "N. burkei" however, exactly which one of the complex
may be difficult to answer for the following reasons: I have been told that
most plants from this group that are in cultivation in the U.S. are N.
ventricosa, even though some plants supposedly come from Mindoro Island in
the Philippines (the home of N. burkei). This is a constant debate locally
as to whether there are in fact two species, or simply regional varieties of
one species, or whether any of us in fact have the true N. burkei (and
instead have N. ventricosa from Mindoro labeled as N. burkei). Now having
confused you thoroughly I can at least say for certain that the plant is a
Nepenthes! Hope that was of some help.


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