Nepenthes x coccinea

From: Steve Hinkson (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 00:59:40 PDT

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 00:59:40 -0700
From: Steve Hinkson <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2891$foo@default>
Subject: Nepenthes x coccinea

Your box of plants will arrive with dry pitchers. You must fill them,
1/3 or they'll brown.
When you repack them to sent to list members, you'll have to empty them
again, and remember to tell your recipients about refilling them.
I've only shipped cuttings as trades, but with these big baskets, I'd
suggest a "fern wrap"
They may well arrive in them. Looks like a giant plastic or paper
funnel. can often get them from florists. Packing peanuts keep the
pitchers from getting squished too badly
in the hands of the "shipping gorillas", and a wet paper towel helps
preserve moisture in these thirsty plants in their travels.
You're a kind man to allow others to share in your bonanza !

Nepenthes x coccinea is an excellent example of primary hybrid vigor !

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