RE: Pollinating VFTs

From: Brewer Charles E PHDN (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 15:38:55 PDT

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:38:55 -0400
From: Brewer Charles E PHDN <>
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Subject: RE: Pollinating VFTs

 I have a large collection of different VFT clones and mutations. I've been
selfing and crossing pollinating these plants for a few years now with
outstanding results. I do admit to having some problems selfing some all red
clones and a few other mutations, but crossing a giant red VFT with another
giant red VFT or a red dragon VFT with another red dragon VFT seems to get
the job done. Currently I only have one VFT mutation that produces pollen,
but has no noticeable ovaries. I only use this plant for it's pollen and I
am not 100% sure it is working. The female plant did produce some rather
small seeds this year and I am anxious waiting for germination.
 As you get more involved with pollinating VFTs, you will find your success
depends on timing, plant quality and specie. Some VFTs are easily selfed
while others are difficult. You just have to play around with them and keep
good records.
Prior to pollinating my selected VFTs, I heavily feed them during flower
development, during pollination and after pollination has been completed to
ensure good seed quality. So far, this method has proven very well for me.
 Hope this helps you out some.
 Cheers, Charles
 Va. beach, Va.

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